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Re: USS Voyager vs USS Defiant

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Hmm, I only see two in the Call to Arms picture. But as I recall -the- Defiant was towards the center of the screen, so I'm guessing it had already flown by?

I missed the two in Endgame, I guess I was busy facepalming at the two second fade to black resolution of Voyager!

Good catches though, thanks! Though I think my overall point remains true that they're uncommon in the fleet and the exception. That brings us up to nine, though there could be some overlap between the two Call to Arms/Message in a Bottle/Endgame Defiants. What were they thinking giving one of those to Cadets?
The Defiant is bottom middle turning towards the camera. It wouldn't make sense to fill the screen with Defiant class ships on the show when they want the viewer to know which one is the hero ship.
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