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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!


I'm watching Voyager from the start now. I love the Doctor, but Kes gets on my nerves a bit. She's always "overwhelmed" by everything.

I like Chakotay as a character, but the stories revolving around him are pretty boring (the Native American stuff, etc.)

Harry Kim kinda drives me nuts, too. He's green around the gills the whole 7 years though, right?

Paris, Janeway, Seven, Tuvok and Bel'anna are okay. Neelix... I could go either way. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

But the series as a whole... seems to be comprised of Gems and Stinkers. Usually I feel they can be assessed within the teaser (is this one any good or not?); I've come to the conclusion that Chakotay meditating or a shuttle crash usually generates a Stinker.

Just finished "Twisted". It was great, how they just "gave up" at the end. Never saw a Trek epsiode end like that.

Thanks for listening to my useless opinions. Voyager may be my least favorite series, but there's a lot to like about it.
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