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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Is the opening shot in The Host, a CGI Enterprise???
Yup, it's CGI. That shot can be seen littered throughout season 4, though strangely not in the CBS-D episodes. Those ones used the blurry model shot.
The shot was created by CBS-D for "The Inner Light".

I just finished watching the final episodes on the set as well as the newly produced special features. I have to say I am extremely disappointed by the newly created VAM by Lay and Burnett. The roundtable discussion with the art department was a mess. Sure it's nice to listen to these people but what this discussion needed was a moderator to keep the discussion on topic. As has been mentioned before, they spent half the time of this 67 minute feature talking about the design challenges on Deep Space Nine (which Burnett should've cut from this and use for a possible DS9 blu ray release). Another 15 minutes they spent talking about Enterprise. Both the actors reunion and the writers roundtable were led by a moderator and it was sorely needed here.

The two part documentary Relativity : The Family Saga of Star Trek The Next Generation was equally disappointing. First of all, why do the docs have these ridiculously long titles. Just call it Stardate Revisited parts 9 and 10. Second, to me it seems that Lay and Burnett have exhausted all their worthwhile footage from their interviews and are now scraping the barrel. The first part focussing on the writers was on par with season 3. But the second part was just poor. There was no narrative, no structure, just soundbites from the cast that sometimes had nothing and most of the time very little to do with season 4. Stewart talking about George Hearn in Sweeney Todd, Spiner's baseball comparisons, Sirtis still going on about her hair. Wheaton going off on a hockey tangent, Dorn talking about going to get a haircut. Half of the time I was wondering what the fuck these people were talking about. Also every sentence spoken was intercut with scenes from the show so that the stories seemed even more disjointed.

I honestly love this remastering project and am immensely grateful that CBS is undertaking it. From an A/V standpoint season 4 was a success. But Lay and Burnett seriously need to up their game if they want to come close to the quality of their earlier efforts for the Blu Ray releases.
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