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Re: Nu!Trek and Romulan War

I think there are really two things at play here - public reaction and private reaction, and also, reaction to the Kelvin's loss versus reaction to Vulcan's loss.

I hate to play devil's advocate, but isn't the intention in ID that the Kelvin Memorial Archive is minor - and that having S31 headquarters beneath it is ironic? That's the feeling I got from it. "Why would anyone blow up the archives?" seemed to be the reaction to me. In other words, the Archive being named after the Kelvin disaster doesn't really mean anything as to how much of an impact the indicent publicly had. There could have been a Constellation or Intrepid Memorial Archive in the Primeverse.

Many, myself included, have concluded that the loss of the Kelvin had a butterfly effect on the Abramsverse, resulting in changes to the Enterprise, among other things. Does ID prove that this was the case? I'm not sure. We see that Admiral Marcus was planning a war with the Klingons, and this resulted in the Vengeance. What was the result in the Primeverse? Was Marcus similarly inclined?

In the Abramsverse, was the Vengeance an extension of a mentality that began with Kelvin, and was expanded with the loss of Vulcan? I really don't think we can decisively say. Khan says that Marcus scoured the universe looking for anything that would help him fight his war, more or less. But was it the Klingons he was really planning on fighting?
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