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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
That's not how it works.
I had to laugh at the matter-of-factness to it all.
I think we need a video with Doc Brown explaining all of this on a chalkboard!

Anyway, seems as if you're right. I can't recall a franchise rebooting and then reneging on said reboot. We'll see. But as time goes on it seems likely that we'll see more rebooting so close to each others' release.

The Hulk really floors me. I think filmmakers took it to set a precedent that audiences really don't care if a reboot happens shortly after the dust settles from a previous one.

Although I'm amazed that the BSG reboot film was shelved because of too much sci-fi going on. When is sci-fi scheduled to decline enough to let NuBSG2 in? With Disney mass producing Star Wars like a factory will it ever be the right time for that? I find it more likely they couldn't make it 'work' on paper quite yet. NuBSG excelled at focusing the bewilderment left in the wake of 911. But that's a fading memory.

Hober Mallow wrote: View Post
And I hate the term "prime universe," because it implies everything before produced under the name "Star Trek," from TOS to the movies to the Berman-era spinoffs are one cohesive unit that neatly fits together. They aren't, and they don't. The first Star Trek reboot was the original movie series.
Well... I would agree that at many times the 5 series' don't fit together, I can't discount Paramount's attempt to try to take it into consideration. Wasn't that the reason we have tech manuals and chronologies in the first place - they were put together to assist the production crews with continuity.

I also dislike the term 'Prime' Universe. It makes me think of Optimus Prime overlording in that universe. They should have reserved it for the inevitable Trek/Transformers crossover reboot!!
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