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Re: Nu!Trek and Romulan War

Timo wrote:
Why should anything stem from the attack on the Kelvin?
Because the writers say so. They even went so far as to have the front for the Section 31 base beneath London called the "Kelvin Memorial Archive". Khan's premature resurrection stems directly from the destruction of Vulcan. It's all intended to be Butterfly Effect repurcussions of Nero's arrival in 2233.
So a space monstrosity came and destroyed a starship. So what? That must happen every second Thursday or so.
It happened a lot in TOS, but this is a pre-TOS AU. The death of one (ship) is a tragedy, the death of millions (well, at least half of the TOS Connie fleet) is just a statistic.
In what way exactly did Kirk's encounter with the Space Amoeba alter Starfleet? Or with the Doomsday Machine?
Perhaps the refit into an "almost totally new" and more powerful Enterprise in TMP? Or development of the USS Excelsior?
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