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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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I was thinking yesterday that voyager would have been a lot better if they had killed some of the main cast off every now and then.

I think it could have added more suspense as you would never have known what would happen each episode rather than know that the main cast would always pull through ok.
It would have been better if they just had a character get seperated from the crew or presumed dead, thus adding a sideline drama of getting back to Voyager.

Imagine when Captian Janeway & Chakotay being quarantined on that planet and no cure had come until Voyager was months away at maximum warp.

Imagine the reunion if they had ever caught up with Voyager when she needed her Captain & Commander most? They would think they were seeing their ghosts.

Personally, I would not have minded seeing a Janeway/Chakotay pairing with a baby coming out of that. Even moreso when somehow or other, that baby eventually became a rebellious teenager that had travelled back in time to save her mother & her father.

It would even be more interesting after saving her parents if that teenage girl forbid the EMH to reveal that she is Janeway's & Chakotay's daughter, the reason being hoping that she will have more freedom on the ship and go on away missions instead of "confined" to safety.

Course, later on, when she is found out, she would have an argument as to proving that Janeway & Chakotay were being "unfair" & overprotective of her.

But... the series is over. Oh well.
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