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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

There are any number of reasons that Enterprise and Defiant had different load-outs:
  • Most simply, Defiant is a different ship, and for no other reason, straight-up. All throughout history up to modern-day, ships within the same class often had different offensive and defensive capabilities and a myriad of smaller disparities. Some Connies had the little "balls" on the matter/antimatter exchange unit in main engineering; some Captain's chairs had the higher backing, etc. Not all ships were made the same by any stretch. Has there ever been an identically-dressed bridge between similar-classed ships in TNG?
  • Defiant may have been a newer vessel than Enterprise (NCC-1764 vs 1701 implies that it is newer) and fitted with different armaments based on a wholly different mission package, built during a time with heightened on-screen tensions between the Federation and her neighbors, the Klingons and Romulans, than when Enterprise was commissioned.
  • Defiant was lost near Tholian space - a known semi-hostile species on a Cold War-like footing - she may have conceivably been assigned to permanent border patrol in that sector, vs Enterprise's 5-year peaceful exploratory mission, necessitating greater ordinance capabilities on the Defiant.
  • While it is logically impossible to prove a negative, we have never seen the Enterprise shoot from the rear, either original or refit, nor has there been any dialog on-screen that I am aware of that implied that it ever did. While not much attention was paid to such things in TOS, the TMP refit was meticulously detailed and every piece rationalized with a purpose, and the refit never had aft torpedoes either (but she did have more phaser banks than in TOS).
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