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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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And I just don't see the saucer being at all separable - it looks way too integrated to me, especially at the port and starboard edges, where it blends into the "sled" portion.
Could you please be more specific? According to this picture and the bow view from the movie all I can see is a saucer sitting "flat" on the "warp sled".
You can't see it from those views. This should help:

The fillet radius (the feature pointed to with the red arrow in the B/W pic) looks like it might just be part of the "sled" when viewed from above, as you can see in the lower right pic of the studio model. But when viewed from below, you can see that this feature blends into the saucer, and the "sled" portion just cuts straight across below it. It would mean that the lower surface of the saucer is not coplanar with the upper surface of the sled.

I wish there were some better pics of the studio model, but it looks like the upper surface of the "sled" portion is actually the same surface as the floor of the three bays in the saucer.
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