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Re: Betazed: Starfleet's Finest Hours

It is a good start. My imagination is reeling that if I was in such a situation, beaming on board one of the attacking ships would be the last resort in abandoning my starship, Columbia, especially if I did not have time to get to an escape pod.

Granted, one could beam to the surface of the planet but a battered starship would have many transporter rooms out of commission or they soon will be as they would still be fired upon in this battle scene and so nobody would be heading there. The only personnel that would consider using it if it was still functioning, would be the people in that transporter room as a spur of the moment decision in abandoning ship. The reason why they would be beaming over to an enemy ship is because all of the targetting sensors from Navigation would be focussed there. Although it would take little time to realign the targetting sensors to the planet's surface, it would put the route of escape at risk in ever being used so it would be best to just beam directly to an enemy ship before it gets the chance to be taken out of commission.

Imagine if that small defiant personnel or crew managed to take over that enemy ship, but it would be too unrealistic. More than likely, they would be sowing discord among the attacking fleet, by taking control of the ship's weapon systems to fire on other enemy ships which would in turn fire on that ship they are on, but not before they beam out unto another enemy ship. How long this tactic can win out before the enemy figure out what was actually going on... I can only imagine, especially when everybody is focussed on fighting them outside.

Not sure in which direction your story is going, but you got me imagining myself being in that situation. It was a good daydream.
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