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Re: ST:TOS-era story: EVACUATION

Okay, I finally have the pieces in place where they need to be, so I can start in on some action events soon.

When I started writing this story, I didn't have a crew roster nailed down. A couple years ago, I finalized a complete list of ranks / rates and duty stations for a typical cutter crew. The normal crew complement is one hundred, give or take a couple. There are normally twelve to fourteen officers, four or five chiefs (one being a senior chief), about seventy petty officers, and a dozen of so "non rates" (junior enlisted below PO3).

I'm still filling in name for the ship in this story, but I have the officers done:

Crew of Patrol Cutter Magnum
Captain = Lieutenant Commander Thomas Isenberg
First Officer = Lieutenant Ryan Kingsley
Ops Officer = Lieutenant Ursula Maida (female Alpha-Centauran)
Science Officer = Lieutenant Benjamin Franklin Dupree
Intelligence Officer = Lieutenant Bin-Yi Xiong
Weapons Officer = Lieutenant-j.g. Patrick McShannon
Tactical Officer = on leave
Chief Shuttle Pilot = Lieutenant-j.g. Maes Roola (Andorian)
Shuttle Pilot = Ensign Stephanie Tillman
Junior Shuttle Pilot = Ensign Daniel Littleton
Doctor = Lieutenant Vincent Sullivan
Nurse = Lieutenant-j.g. Sarah (Jackson) Campbell
Engineer = Lieutenant Robert Campbell
Assistant Engineer = Lieutenant-j.g. Sheralin Naaz (female Andorian)
Chief of the Boat = Senior Chief Petty Officer Roger Guzman
Shuttle-bay chief = Chief Petty Officer Amy-Lynn Szczr
Engine Room Chief = Chief Petty Officer ???
Weapons Chief = Chief Petty Officer ???
Legalman = Petty Officer First Class Foster
About eighty crewmen, mostly Petty Officer Second and Third Class. Don't worry -- I won't try to name them all in this story.

Marine First Lieutenant Zychowski
Gunnery Sergeant Linda "Gunny Thorns" Hawthorn
Sergeant Arthur McKendrey
Corporal Ackar
Lance Corporal Jason Blueberry
Lance Corporal Porterfield
Private DeWitt
Private Jimenez
un-named very tall female seen on boarding action
At least nine more Marines: one or two Corporals, the rest Lance Corporal or Private.

Crew of Patrol Cutter Gendarme
Captain = Commander Yvonne Christensen
Ex-Captain = Commander Gonzales
First Officer = Lieutenant Pierre Faucheux
Operations Officer = Lieutenant Qiang Baku
Tactical Officer = Lieutenant William Dexter Stableford, III
Intel Officer = Lieutenant Jacob "Jake" Flynn
Chief of the Boat = (Senior) Chief Petty Officer Julie O’Hara
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