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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

This idea seems to come back over and over. I personally find this idea to be bad, while simultaneously intriguing. I'm a huge DS9 fan and I'll be the first to be pro-Star Trek show NOT on the Enterprise.

In fact, I'd love to see what life on Earth is like. What do civilians do? Can we see ship construction? What do young people do for fun? What are the politics like? IS THERE MONEY OR NOT!? :P

All that aside, this would not be a good show. Even as an alternative to the usual ship exploring worlds idea.

What would be the point? I mean, sure you can great tons of fun cameos, but outside of that? A high-school drama? Star Trek: Zephram Cochrane High? What real drama could you get out of it? Earth would have to be under constant threat and that is both boring and just hard to pull off. And would we really want to see Earth being saved by a bunch of Wesley Crushers?

You could pull a Nog and have cadets stationed on a ship or station for field experience, but that defeats the purpose of it being at the Academy.

If you argue that it isn't about fighting, but about the beginnings of Starfleet Officers and their trials and tribulations... Um....sounds boring to be blunt. It reminds me of Patton Oswalt's stand up on the Prequel Trilogy. About how Lucas wanted to show the beginnings of Anakin, Boba Fett, the Death Star. No one cares about that (at the risk of sounding arrogant). I can't even fathom what plots you could get out of that...

There would be no alien of the week. No exploration. Very little space travel. So no traditional plots (which I'm not against changing up) but I saw some people write that it was doable. No it isn't. Not with a plot like this. Unless you did a show on Red Squad or something. An elite group of cadets...but how far could that go? It was cool in DS9 cause they were cut off from the UFP and on their own. If it's set at the's just them dealing with pimples and prom.

A plot like this might work if it was spread out from various POVs. Like ONE plot line being an aspiring cadet going through the rigors of Starfleet Academy, another plot line is a civilian ship builder, another plot line is the Vice President of the UFP, another plot line is a S31 agent, another plot line is the commanding admiral at Earth Space Dock. Something that shows life in GENERAL on Earth or in the UFP. Call it Star Trek: Federation or something. But purely cadets studying? I'm honestly curious as to what plots you could get out of this idea.

This idea may have been good for a novel with a young Kirk and a young Spock at the Academy, but for an entire show?

It would have drawn in the younger sci-fi viewers giving them something to relate to and given the fan base familiar faces and story-arcs.
Why...why...why? Where is this mindset coming from? I hate to bring up Star Wars again but Lucas said the same stuff about his precious prequel trilogy. It's why he made Anakin so young. So kids can "relate" to him better. BULL. Many kids related to a much older Luke or Han or Leia. Why do I need people to be my age to "relate" to them?

That will just attract all the wrong people. If you need to have a teen going through angst of youth, then Trek isn't for you. It'll attract the teeny bopper crowd who would want to see scintillating dialogue such as:

"O-M-G! The Bolian quarterback asked me out today! I wonder if I should wear blue eyeshadow to match or will he think I'm putting on blueface? Oh culture clash!"

"I totally cheated off the Vulcan chick on the exam today. Guaranteed A+!"

"I got my ass kicked today by some bullies. Thankfully, Earth is a moneyless society so they didn't steal my lunch money. Unfortunately, they just stole my replicator rations. Jerks."
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