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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Not complaining about any of them, they're ok. Just pointing out that I've got 7 BOFFs that are in addition to the 'regular' ones, so it's crowded them out. And out of that group, the android is the only one you can do any customizing to or put in a uniform.

It would be nice if you were allowed to select between the default costume and the starfleet option. Basically like when you choose to wear the MACO or OMEGA costumes; can either do that or the regular uniforms, but can't mix/match much. Where's the harm in having a borg in a starfleet uniform, as he's part of my crew anyway? Have the option to wear their 'native' costumes, but allow them to mix in with the rest of the team. Would at least make them look a little customizable, vice every away team having the same 4 guys following them around.

On the other hand, once you hit endgame there's almost ZERO use for your away team anymore anyway, so not like you see them much. Either running group events or solo items, maybe sometimes you can bring one guy down with you. Beaming down as a group almost never comes up anymore...
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