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Re: NX Ranks and crew occupations

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I don't remember seeing any shared quarters on the NX, everyone seemed to have his own private stateroom. With double bunking in some areas of the ship, Enterprise could possibly carry 125 or more.
Daniels shared quarters. In Cold Front, Archer is in his cabin and he (Daniels) is picking up his roommate's socks and lamenting that the roommate is a bit of a slob. No word on what happened to his roommate when he (Daniels) left and those quarters were locked.

I believe there's also a reference somewhere to Mayweather sharing quarters, but I don't recall the specifics.
In Breaking the Ice when Captain Archer is answering the school children's questions he says that most members of the crew share quarters with someone else. My guess is that only ensigns and above had private cabins.

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