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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Eh, I'll claim it just because, but that's 2/2 on ones I have no intention of using. Already got a million costumes from set pieces and whatnot, and all my BOFFs are the unique ones you can't put into uniforms anyway, so nowhere to display most of these things...
Meh, never could get into using a full special boff crew. I follow the Trek formula and have one "special" officer at most.
Because there hasn't been any slot growth to account for all of the special rewards over the years, just KEEPING the special BOFFs has crowded out most of my 'normal' crew, even if they were purples. 2 Borg, a Reman, a Breen, a Jemmy... A couple of the originals are still on the team (upgraded to purple, of course), but not much room. And usually the special ones have additional skills that make them a better choice, so my regular guys usually just stay on the ship, and I use them more for the ship powers, whereas the special guys beam down. Just annoying you can't tweak their look at all, even to put them in a uniform...
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