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Re: Would you rather?

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Would you rather have your family stationed with you on DS9 (during the dominion war), Voyager (lost in the delta quadrant), or either of the Enterprises during their run?

Would you rather have Taylor Swift as a Vulcan/Betazoid Ship's Counselor or Summer Glau?
The rule was you have to say why you choose your answer and I'm curious as to why you would want your family with you in the gamma quadrant.

Anyway, I'd choose Summer Glau, though I only know her from Firefly. IMO She'd add more to the plot as an over logic, mind reading, Vulcan/Betazoid.

Would you rather have done what Janeway did and saved the Ocampa by destroying the caretaker and staying in the Gamma quadrant or went home (you have a ship similar to Voyager but no crew)?
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