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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

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Wait, wouldn't rain kill the sandworms and stop the spice flow, ruining the galaxy?
This point was driven home in God Emperor, wasn't it? The lush green vegetation and the accompanying rains were slowly killing off the Makers. The worms were much smaller and living in much more confined smaller areas of desert on the green Arrakis.
That was due to Fremen terraforming efforts though. They and Kynes knew the part the sandtrout played and worked to inhibit that role. In any normall water rich environment, the sandtrout would have just trapped the moisture and removed it from the system. This of course eventually did occur again after the death of Leto and the rise of the Priesthood of the Divided God in Heretics.

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The prequels are pulpy, throwaway Star Wars action novels.
Now, now. No need to insult Star Wars novels like that.
This begs the question, has Kevin J Anderson ever written anything good? This guy is pretty much known for shitty sequel and prequel novels.
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