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Re: Art Asylum/Diamond Select Ships

I had a Nemesis Ent-E, which was OK. but not really worth what I paid for it. I also had a first run "Wrath of Kahn" 1701. I ordered that one because I had missed the 1701-A that had been released earlier. I sent it back for a refund Immediately when I saw the pearl colored almost see through plastic they used. I get they were trying to replicate the shiny metal look of the ship as seen in the motion picture. but it was just terrible to me. I did buy the first Run Ent-D from amazon for 34.00 bucks in 2010. and was pretty happy with it, despite the missing neck windows. I will prob. buy the Excelsior when it's released later this year. and if the Redo the Ent-A with the solid white paint scheme then I may get that one as well.
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