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Re: U.S.S. Curry and other ships from DS9

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
And, of course, we always talk about the big capital ships, but we can't ever truly forget poor ol' Tugboat Willy. I can see a bunch of Runabout parts in there, some AT-ST legs, D'Deridex warp nacelles and Voyager warp pylons at the very least. If we wanna talk about mixed scales, that little guy wins first prize!
Unicron wrote: View Post
Are there any known pics of the actual filming model? EAS mentioned this spacedock unit I'd never noticed before. It appears next to the Enterprise in "11001001" and the footage was later recycled for "Remember Me." EAS also says it appeared with the Remmler array in "Starship Mine" although I couldn't spot it in the sceencaps.

"11001001" images

Pic 1
Pic 2
Unicron, Gebirg was referring to the tug that was towing a damaged Excelsior class at the beginning of DS9's "A Time to Stand".

CharlieZardoz wrote: View Post
I remember a documentary back in the day on tv which was about filming special effects for TNG and they showed that very tugboat the guy picked it up and showed that it was made from disposable razors and a milk carton! XD

And no I have no idea what show it was as I was 5! lol
Praetor wrote: View Post
"Reading Rainbow" did a TNG special once, and it partly featured behind-the-scenes effects stuff.

As I recall, the little cylinders were made from disposable razors. I think they were meant to be workbee-style manipulator arms.
CZ, as Praetor said, it was a Reading Rainbow episode. It's at timestamp 1:30 in this video:
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