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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black


When Larry went to the NPR studios to record his interview with Maury Kind... we see the initial discussion about the Feds coming to their house (the apartment he "rents" from Mom & Dad). He makes a comment about not expecting life changing moments to appear while one is in their pajamas. Maury is suitably solicitous at the angst/difficulties Larry must suffer being apart from Piper, but then notes he & Piper aren't the average inmate/fiancÚ. They have resources, money, family and Larry's allowed to "see" her whenever he wants.

I nearly coughed up a fur ball when Larry claimed to see Piper "quite often" and Team Larry lost another 200 points.

Well... I guess when compared to that guy who hasn't seen his husband in TWO YEARS while he does research at the flipping SOUTH POLE... yeah, compared to him, Larry really does see Piper a lot. She's probably feeling absolutely smothered with all of his attention.

It's now the day after Tricia's "wake" and Piper has the worst hangover of her life. It seems "Toilet Hooch" is more potent than "Pinot Grigio". Alex laughs at her lover as Piper suffers in the dining room. But not all of Piper's suffering came from the bottle. A good portion comes from her conscience as she watches Leanne (blonde meth head follower of the Appalachian Prophet) eat alone.

Piper: I don't think Pennsatucky deserves to be in Psych.

Alex can't believe Piper and lays her change of heart to a post-hangover emotional state. Alex, who has never been in SHU sees no problem with sending the girl who BROKE HER GLASSES to Psych. Piper tries to explain just what that punishment means.

Piper: It was pretty horrible, Alex.
Alex: You thought it was hilarious.
Piper: That was before I talked to Suzanne about what Psych was like.
Alex: Who's Suzanne?
Piper: Crazy Eyes.
Alex: Are you cheating on me and Larry with Crazy Eyes? Cause there's not room for four of us.
Piper: (Ignores the jibe) Shut up. This is not funny. (Alex is still laughing) She said that Psych is even worse than the SHU and... and I can't even ... begin... I can't.

The dynamic going on in the conversation is compelling. Hung over Piper feels guilty, headache free Alex does not. Initially Alex thinks Piper's conscience is funny but when Piper chides her for starting the "gaslighting of Pennsatucky" (For you youngsters who refuse to watch B&W movies... ) Alex protests.

Alex: Whoa! What is it with the blaming? YOU sent her into that bathroom. Don't project your conscience on me, especially before I'm barely awake.

Piper agrees. Agrees that its her emotion, her morals that she's fighting, and its her job to solve the problem by going to Caputo and confessing to arranging the con game on Tiffany that led her to believe she WAS an instrument of the Christ. Hopefully that will convince Caputo to let Tiffany out of Psych before too much damage is done.

Piper: I am so tired of running away from my shit, Alex. You said it yesterday... I compartmentalize everything to make myself feel better. I mean... I'm having an affair with you... and we did not play a "prank" on Pennsatucky, we were MEAN. I can NOT let her stay in Psych... I can't.

After laughing at Piper's conscience, after refusing to allow her conscience to feel anything except RIGHTEOUS retribution has been meted out to the Meth-head... Alex does a 90 degree turn.

I just can't figure out "why".

Alex: I would like to stress, that I think this is truly fucking stupid... It was ME who started this whole thing.
Piper: Then I'll take this one for the both of us.

Could anyone tell me one time, so far this season, ALEX has taken the fall for the both of them? Piper does it here... Piper did it with Healy after the dryer fiasco.

Do you think Alex is trying to answer this very question herself, when she fades into her last flashback of the episode.

Its still Paris.

Past Alex is sitting on the bed, looking STUNNED.

Past Piper enters the bedroom, freaking out because she can't find her passport. Her suitcase is packed and standing by the door with her carry-on. As she tears through the drawers, talking a mile a minute, Alex is silent, staring off into the distance.

Piper: ... If I miss this flight, I am screwed... ALEX! PASSPORT! HELLO!
Alex: (Quiet, tearful voice.) My Mom died.

Piper has switched gears and has gone from shouting to calmly soothing the heartbroken daughter of the single mother who worked 4 jobs to buy her kid the best off brand sneakers from Payless that she could afford.

Piper: (softly) What can I do?

And now Team Alex loses yet another 500 points.

Instead of "asking" the woman to "help" by packing her shit as Alex makes flight arrangements home, or asking her to call the airlines as she packs her own stuff... Alex simply ASSUMES Piper will automatically drop everything in her life to be at her side.

Piper: Al... I can't go with you.
Alex: What?
Piper: I'm so sorry about your mom... but this doesn't change anything.
Alex: You're still leaving? Right now? My (voice cracks) mother's just died. I can't fucking believe you.
Piper: I can't be your girlfriend.
Alex: Yeah... and apparently not even my friend. (Piper looks sad, until Alex admits) Top drawer, underneath my T shirts.
Piper: Jesus Alex. You fucking hid it?
Alex: (tearful) Please... don't leave. Not now.

Past Piper looks at Past Alex one last time, then turns on her heels and leaves Alex for the next 8 years.
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