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Re: V'Ger origins: Borg or not?

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Does anyone really believe it's in character for the Borg to take a primitive satellite which shows up in orbit of their homeworld, give it an AI with a god complex, task it with seeking its creator and build for it a huge ship which doesn't match anything in their design lineage and can generate its own nebula? Is this seriously how we think the Borg behave?
That and the whole "What are carbon units?" thing is why I don't buy the connection for a second.

Face it, there are lots of other things that are at least as similar to the Borg in classic Trek and yet aren't considered.

We have the Archons. The inhabitants are part of the Body (Collective), and anyone who is not of the Body is absorbed (assimilated). Whatever is seen by one can be seen by all, and they are all controlled by Landru (The Queen).

Or what about the Denevan neural parasites? They were physically separate, but all functioned together to make up one single brain, in much the same way as the drones in the Collective are all separate but all function together to make up the single individual that we know as the Borg Collective. In "I, Borg," Picard says, "Think of them as a single collective being."

Now, I'm not seriously proposing that either of these are the origin of the Borg. But since Trek had previously played around with collective consciousnesses before without being related to the Borg, why can't they also have cyberneetic beings without them being related to the Borg as well?
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