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Re: All Trek Caption Contest 4: Set phasers to fun

TROI: Be honest, Worf. This isn't a Klingon thing, it's just Tai Chi.
WORF: Lies. Now leave me be while I do my traditional Klingon flexibility exercises.
TROI: That's just yoga!
WORF: If this were a Klingon ship I would kill you where you stand.

KIRK: I had a dream last night Sulu. It was forty years in the future. We were both old men, and we were making a living as parodies of ourselves.

DATA: Second officer's personal log. After days of observation, I have come to the conclusion that my tea kettle is alive. I must be willing to put my career on the line now because if I do not defend its rights, nobody else will.

KHAN: Tell me. In the 23rd century, are all women willing to betray everything they believe in for a charismatic man they just met?
MARLA: Yep. Feminism died out after the 22nd century. Though it will probably make a comeback before the 24th.

SPINER: Okay, I give! I'll help you promote DS9!
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