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Re: John Christopher a Regular?

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. . .Plus it would have a built in tension as history shows he lived out his life in his own era, so Kirk and Co. know they will return him to his proper place in time. . .
Which means he would have been too important to send on landing parties, and be stuck on a ship he didn't want to be on in the first place, and had already tried to escape from. It's not that the crew knows they'll return him to his place in time, it's that they have to keep him alive long enough to make the attempt that they're not even sure will work.
I think the idea is that he would have to stay on as the crew is still working on how to send him back. Meanwhile, new adventures ensue and occasionally Christopher is just the right man for the job. Being a gung-ho kinda guy, he volunteers on those occasions and, despite protests from Kirk, Spock et al., it is decided that he has to be part of the given mission. You could even have some teasers before commercial cuts where McCoy says, "Oh God, I think he really is dead this time Jim! May Heaven help us!" Until we finally get to the episode where someone figures out how to get him back and we have a heartfelt scene and off he goes. Kirk makes a profound statement and/or the crew exchange a nostalgic chuckle, Warp 2 Mr. Sulu, Aye Warp 2 sir. Roll credits.
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