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When Star Trek Bridges The Gap!

Hello my fellow Trekkies!

True Story!

I was working at a cell phone store in downtown Portland about three years ago. It was 9am on a Saturnday, and the store just opened when a very large and drunk man in his early 30s came stumbling in the store. He was shouting and causing a scene from the first second he showed up. He was wearing a white under shirt, black pants and no shoes and other than a milk jug full of water he had nothing else on him! As he approached me I could smell that he had a wild alcohol fueled night and was still very intoxicated! My managers laughed as he approached me (I always attract the livly customers) ranting and raving about how he lost his phone from the nights drinking and needed another one. I directed him to my station and as I was looking up his number a beautiful woman walked by the store dressed in a flowing skirt (it was a warm sprign morning) and within 3 seconds this guy was out the door and harrasing her. Once he was rejected he came back in and sat down demanding we get him a new phone. I finally found his account but it showed that he didn't have insurence. I gently broke the news that sent him into a rage! He shoved his chair over and started screaming about how we where ripping him off! Everybody in the store stopped what they where doing and stared at me as this 6.5 muscle bound man was now throwing a man size tempertatrum and they expected me to stop it. After my managers asked him to calm down he turned to me and said,

"ahh man you a fernegi!"

To which I replied;

"Well I do have the lobes for business!"

A large smile crept across his face followed by the man slapping his hands on the table and laughing, he took a huge swig of the jug at yelled,

"I love Quark! He a pimp...he a pimp!"

We talked about DS9 for 10 minutes and how it was the best show out of all of them and after exchanging favorite episodes he calmed down and I got him setup with an upgrade and gained another customer and got to share a passion for Trek with another human being. After that day I knew just how powerful Star Trek really was!

Ok how about you guys! Share a story of how your love of Star Trek allowed you to bridge the gap!
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