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Re: U.S.S. Curry and other ships from DS9

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Just putting this out there for general discussion. The excelsior kitbashes were never properly identified by class (Shelly, Raging Queen or Centaur types isn't really an official class name). Been wondering if anyone else thought these designs could/should have been other established classes in the Star Trek canon like the Hokule'a, Merced, or Mediterranean classes. I mean hey why not?
It is my personal belief that these kitbashes should not be equated with the conjectural classes simply because that was not the intention of the model builders, and also that I would rather classes like the Hokule'a, Renaissance and Merced be original designs instead of hastily constructed and out-of-scale kitbashes.
Ok Ill buy that explanation. However I can't help but feel that these classes (Merced, Hokule'a, Renaissance, etc) were probably in some ways very specialized or at least were never produced to as large a degree as Miranda's or Excelsior's (Starfleet's primary ship designs) and served to supplement the capital ships. The only other "in universe" explanation why we never see them is due to them being antiquated like the Constellation. I'm not a big believer in "failed" designs since why would Starfleet produce something unsuccessful. Also I've seen many of the conjectured designs online and while I think they look great, I almost feel like why would Starfleet make another version of a ship that looks and serves the same purpose as an Excelsior or Ambassador of that time period?
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