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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

^Whether they turn it in or not, they can't do something that's actually illegal, as I assume manufacturing methamphetamines would be. Consider how in their tests of drunk-driving myths, they always stay just below the legal limit. And they don't drive over the speed limit on public roads. Sometimes they can get special dispensation under proper supervision, or by going to a location where it's legal, but this? I don't see that happening. And if they wouldn't tell us what the "special sauce" was that boosted the sulfuric acid, no way would they do a "Hey, kids, here's how you make meth!" segment. So much of it would have to be blurred and censored that there'd be little point.

(I do wonder about the "special sauce," although maybe I shouldn't ask. Jamie said it was basically hydrogen and oxygen, but... isn't that water?)
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