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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I wonder when the tracer was put on Walt's car, I ask because we know he made a trip to Saul's to get the 5 mill then to Jesse's to give it back to him. So does Hank know he went to Jesse's place I wonder.
It might not have been placed there until Walt got back home. But if it was placed there earlier, then Hank's gonna know about Jessie and Saul (though Saul pretty much has little to worry about with respect to getting caught up in the web).

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gblews wrote: View Post
I was a little disappointed that the confrontation came so quickly. I envisioned more of a cat and mouse game where Hank knows or strongly suspects Walt's involvement and proceeds with a clandestne investigation while Walt suspects Hank knows and adds heading Hank off at every pass, to his juggling act.
I'm actually glad that the confrontation came so early because I envisioned the same thing. One of the great things about Breaking Bad is that they ying when we expect them to yang. Like what they did with Tuco. I was expecting him to be the antagonist for the second season but he was killed off two episodes in, which allowed season 2 to develop in unexpected ways. A similar thing happened with the cousins in season 3. It's why I was actually a little disappointed that season 4 dragged out the Gus conflict the whole season. (Although, it was still an amazing season of television.)
See, part of it was that I thought the first confrontation should have been bigger, epic even. It wasn't though, It seemed sort of "small". Hank gets angry, punches Walt in the nose, calls him an S.O.B., accuses Walt of bad stuff we know Walt did. The whole thing is over in seconds.

That's why I was hoping for a build up. Their confrontation should have been epic and "epic" requires some build up. Hank carries on his behind the scenes I/V never fully believing, but suspecting, it's Walt.

Finally discovers "smoking gun" type evidence and it points to a guy Hank has lured to a secluded area. Hank alone approaches, gets closer, his worst fears begin to materialize -- until finally...yeah, the notorious drug kingpin, Hisenberg, who has eluded the DEA for over a year is the guy Hank has thought of as a brother for 20 years or so. Hank reacts.

To me, this (or something like this), would have been more satisfying. But this is not to say that I didn't like what we did get. It's just that it left me a little disappointed.
By putting the Walt/Hank confrontation in the first episode, my conception of how the season would play out has been shattered. I have no idea now how things with Hank will play out now, and I'm more excited than ever to find out.
Yeah, this.
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