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Re: U.S.S. Curry and other ships from DS9

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Are there any known pics of the actual filming model? EAS mentioned this spacedock unit I'd never noticed before. It appears next to the Enterprise in "11001001" and the footage was later recycled for "Remember Me." EAS also says it appeared with the Remmler array in "Starship Mine" although I couldn't spot it in the sceencaps.

"11001001" images

Pic 1
Pic 2
Huh...never noticed that one before. Looks like it has cylindrical TOS nacelles on it - bussards lit up on it and all.

Is this original footage or HD remastered footage? The pic looks very high-res and clean to be NTSC, but I could be wrong. If it is the new remastered HD footage, then maybe it's some little throw-away CG thing they put in with the upgrading process and no physical model actually exists.
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