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Re: TOS Botany Lab = "Outdoor" Recreation Area?

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Have we (or anyone) ever taken the Enterprise writeup in TMoST and analyzed it in-depth? I think that would be fascinating. Taken as a whole, it might bring up some serious headscratchers.
I'd think Franz Joseph's deck plans qualify as a faithful reproduction of the Enterprise description in TMoST and as this analysis, in a manner of speaking.

To me it looks like it's a description for the pilot version or even prior to this for a couple of reasons:
  • The whole saucer separation suggestion (on a regular basis!) looks almost like transporters hadn't been invented yet (what reasonable purpose could the separated saucer be useful for, other than landing on a planet?). "Smells" like Forbidden Planet...
  • There is no mentioning whatsoever of the Auxiliary Control Room or the Emergency Manual Monitor, apparently these locations hadn't been even thought of, yet
  • Sickbay is supposedly on Deck 7 but all the onscreen evidence (e.g. turbo lift rides to sickbay) indicate Deck 5 to be its actual and canonical location!
I think Stephen E. Whitfield added only a few updates during the time of "The Ultimate Computer", namely the duotronic systems and the conclusion that the senior officers' quarters are on Deck 5 - because M-5 hadn't switched off the lights on this deck.

Of course, Gene Roddenberry finally got "his" saucer separation in TNG, the "outdoor recreation area" in "Elaan of Troyius" / "And the Children..." and the holoroom in TAS. Looks like three items he persistently pursued from the very beginning.

The one that causes my deck plan project headaches is the location of the holoroom which according to TMoST should be on Deck 8.
However, one of the four top side skylights or "starlights" would make a better location considering the depiction in TAS as a rectangular and illuminated white room, IMHO.

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