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Re: IDW Publishing's License Concludes

The part that I'm curious about is the UK distribution, because that has implications in several different directions.

Panini's license is the reason IDW couldn't distribute in the UK; they held the UK comics rights for Doctor Who and were able to block IDW from the UK. (I've heard that IDW didn't realize this when they picked up the license, that they believed they had bought worldwide comics rights to Doctor Who. I don't quite believe that, though, as Panini and IDW worked together on Doctor Who Classics, with Panini providing IDW with the cleaned-up, remastered pages. If Panini were being a stickler in one area, why be cooperative in other areas?)

So, I see three possibilities if Titan is able to distribute Doctor Who comics in the UK.

One, Titan's comics won't be considered an infringement on Panini's license. (Doctor Who Adventures and Doctor Who Battles In Time, even though they publish comics like Doctor Who Magazine and neither is published by Panini, are allowed through some loophole.)

Two, Titan is paying Panini for a sublicense.

Or three, Panini won't be publishing a Doctor Who comic strip after the end of this year because their comic strip license has expired.

No, I don't know which one of these is the most likely. I don't find the second very likely at all; that would only increase Titan's cost of doing business. The third, if true, would pose all sorts of questions about the future of Doctor Who Magazine, questions that have been asked for much of the spring and summer.
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