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Re: U.S.S. Curry and other ships from DS9

Yeah, I understand why Mike Okuda invented those names for purposes of the Encyclopedia and the pressures that he and others would have worked under during production. I tend to like the W359 vessels and the Renaissance class reference because those wound up getting fleshed out, but that's probably just my OCD when it comes to technical stuff. I think in part too it's a bit of cynicism over the years when it comes to Treknical stuff, because it's been my experience that a lot of fan work has proven to be far better in depth and coordination than what was possible to establish on screen. And I feel like we, as fans, sometimes have gotten the short end of the stick because it'll never be recognized appropriately. But that's a discussion for its own thread.

Battletech did something similar when they made Technical Readout: 2750, the first TRO that dealt with Star League era warships. Most of the entries had references to warship classes that were conjectural for a long time, and were eventually fleshed out in full with the revised version TRO: 3057. The real fun with that one was when the 2750 warships were brought back for the Clan fleets and given entirely new art, which didn't entirely line up with the originals. That's caused more than a few cans of worms.

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