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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

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That said, I also found the episode very uneven. I almost gave up on the show last season and I think I'll call it a day after this one.
You should call it a day. I only hope that when next season rolls around I won't cave because there is so little on TV. I could... go outside or something?
It has pretty much run its course, nearly all characters have done horrible things by now and the storylines have grown somewhat repetitive. Maybe something epic will happen in the finale but if not, I'm out.
The characters really are a bunch of monsters. Pretty much without a shred of the relatability of the plethora of TV anti-heroes around today. They even had to create that preposterous new boyfriend for the redhead to have a 'good' vampire, since the rest should all be serving consecutive life sentences at best.

The Terry scenes ranged from 'completely tedious' all the way up to 'just ok'. But what really didn't work was the cuts in between the two storylines. It felt to me like they shouldn't have been in the same episode with each other, or at least that they should have focused on each storyline for longer periods of time. It was almost like they were trying to do some kind of.... something? But god knows if I can figure out what.

But hey, at least Terry was a great guy! Oh wait... he's a war criminal right? Nvm

Also why is the Patient Zero delivery of True Blood in Hawaii? Seems to make zero logistical sense, but that probably was the least of this episode's problems.
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