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Re: U.S.S. Curry and other ships from DS9

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I'm probably weird in that I've never liked some of the conjectural designs that showed up in the Encyclopedia, at least the ones that are still primarily conjectural (such as the Merced). I guess to me there's no reason those ships couldn't potentially be part of an existing class, and just inventing some random unseen design seems lazy. But I'm probably overthinking it.
I'm not quite understanding what you said. There are no designs associated with the conjectural classes (except maybe the Trieste), so what don't you like? Or do you mean that you don't like the fan designs people have come up with for them? Or do you just not like the concept of conjectural designs? If that's the case, I suppose I can understand. When the first Encyclopedia was written, there weren't a whole lot of other ship designs other than the movie models and two or three newer ones like the Constellation, Ambassador, and Nebula (two of which weren't even "brand-new" as of TNG), so I can understand Okuda's intent to "flesh out" Starfleet. But that's kind of irrelevant now.
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