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Re: Nu!Trek and Romulan War

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Most probably there would be ways to dig up the information after the fact, by opening a "toolkit" menu and rummaging through the short-term memory of the device. But the device died with Robau...
... which is why they would have analyzed Ayel's message to the Kelvin herself. It's highly unlikely Ayel was speaking English at the time.

Then again, Sisko has to learn to speak Bajoran to conduct ceremonies.
And when he speaks Bajoran, his words are usually untranslated. It's probably because Bajorans are really anal about the proper recitation of scripture and the universal translator doesn't preserve all the nuances of meaning and/or rythm and structure of the passages.

If Bajorans have UTs that turn Sisko's English (French? Creole? Personal mumbling?) into Bajoran, how can they tell whether Sisko is conducting a ceremony in Bajoran?
Have you ever gone to a bible study at a Southern Baptist church? I've seen people literally thrown out of the building because they brought the wrong translation (King James Only, dammit!)

Also, many Muslims will insist on reciting the Quran in the original Arabic despite the fact that many of them don't speak a word of Arabic. Same with many Catholic rites that are still recited in Latin, which NOBODY speaks anymore. I reserve the possibility that Sisko may be speaking a Bajoran dialect that even most Bajorans don't speak themselves and isn't programmed into most translators (and there's precedent for that as well; we know there is at least one Klingon language that the universal translator doesn't catch).
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