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Re: V'Ger origins: Borg or not?

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Does anyone really believe it's in character for the Borg to take a primitive satellite which shows up in orbit of their homeworld, give it an AI with a god complex, task it with seeking its creator and build for it a huge ship which doesn't match anything in their design lineage and can generate its own nebula? Is this seriously how we think the Borg behave?
The words "really believe" and "seriously" are too strong to describe how I feel, but the theory is that the Borg were something else then and were changed by the experience with V'Ger. In other words they too evolved to what they are "now" (meaning the 24th century).

Less belieaveble is that the borg were exactly the same since the beginning of time, specially considering they change very much in the time between Q Who and the last we saw then (VOY or FC?).

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