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Re: 'Extreme Measures' really bugged me

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Considering all of Bashir's high-minded talk about how the ends don't justify the means and how 31 needs to be destroyed, his actions are pretty objectionable.

He blatantly lies to Starfleet Command, he's indirectly responsible for Sloan's death, and then he forces his way into Sloan's mind - a situation we've seen compared to rape in numerous other episodes.

It's not even that so much that bothers me. It's that he doesn't seem to understand what he has done. This was basically his "In the Pale Moonlight." But does he have regrets? No. He plays darts and drinks with O'Brien while patting himself on the back for his ingenuity.

Pretty disturbing if you ask me.
Honestly? I'm more disturbed by Bashir wiping Kurn's mind. Not only did he effectively "kill" Kurn, but he did it without his consent and he didn't seem to bat an eye. To me that was one of the worst out of character moments for Bashir. A Starfleet doctor engaging in that?

At least with Sloan, it came out of desperation to save his friend - Odo. He also didn't intend to kill Sloan (although mental rape is not that much "nicer"). I do agree it is odd that Bashir felt so non-chalant at the end. He seemed to be just enjoying the "high" that he got from helping his friend and saving his life.

You are right though that this episode showed that Section 31 was right. Bashir had the nerve to thumb his nose at the notion of the ends justify the means and yet he engaged in that mindset when he needed to save Odo. Later on, his little gamble here led, indirectly, to the end of the Dominion War. I almost wonder if that was his first step to a much darker view on things...

Unfortunately it happened so close to the end of the show that we never got to any real fall out from Bashir on what he had done.
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