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Re: Saavik's pregnancy and the novels

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And I think its far from proven that Spock and Saavik couldn't have a baby naturally. Very much stranger things have happened in Trek.
I was referring to the suggestion of Saavik and David Marcus having a child.

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Given the characters' ages by the time they married, I think having kids wouldn't really be a viable option by then.
What? We're talking about Vulcans, who have an average life expectancy of over 200 years. Saavik was about 80 when she was married in Vulcan's Heart (if I read Memory Beta's recap correctly), which is only about 13 years older than T'Pol was in "Demons"/"Terra Prime." We also know that Tuvok and T'Pel conceived their youngest child during Tuvok's 11th pon farr, which would be 77 years after he entered reproductive maturity, and thus probably in his early 100s or late 90s. T'Pel may have been a decade or two younger, i.e. at least as old as Saavik was at the time of her marriage to Spock. So yeah, Spock and Saavik could definitely have had kids.
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