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Re: TOS Botany Lab = "Outdoor" Recreation Area?

Great article, Greg and quite an eye-opener regarding the restricted character of the Herbarium.

According to the latest update in my deck plan thread I said that the Herbarium will / has to be on Main Deck 5 for a number of reasons, and you just provided the one I consider final and decisive. Thanks!

Obviously the Herbarium belongs to the "Life Sciences Department Botany Section" and apparently this is a section of research and study with limited or restricted access to the "public".
I admit I hadn't given that much thought before, but if it weren't restricted I can imagine many female crew members thinking "just one flower less will be no harm" and by the end of the day the place is empty.

Probably the only excuse to remove flowers from in there is for weddings or funerals. Now I just have to figure out where they grow the celery Janice and Kirk have been seen eating.

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