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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

@ The_Beef

Thanks for the clarification.

The decisive question remains whether the unusual exterior features (i.e. apparent saucer module separation capability, matter-antimatter-reactors in the front caps of the warp nacelles, disproportionate size of secondary hull in comparison to saucer hull etc.) are sufficient evidence for a pre-TOS design lineage.

Regarding the interpretation of the three-digit registry I think it depends whether you prefer that just three-digits indicate classification and/or type or the vessel or the first digit which in the case of "638" would indicate a "cruiser of the 6th Federation design", according to Matt Jefferies, the father of the Enterprise.

Where it gets a little confusing is the distinction between "cruiser" and "starship".
His original TOS pre-production sketch with the "cruiser" reference could come from the pre-production stage were the Enterprise was just a cruiser before that changed to "Starship" (as a type she would become "Space Cruiser").

Considering that already the pre-TOS Archon was a "starship" according to Kirk (please not another history "lesson"...), I assume Jefferies would have revised his "cruiser design" to "starship design".
Alternately, one may assume that the design series from # 1 thru #17 featured equally cruisers or starships.

But there must be a distinction between "cruiser" and "starship" according to Scotty in TNG's "Relics": "I served on a freighter, a cruiser, and a starship."

(unless and in retrospect the Enterprise was that cruiser and the Excelsior that starship )

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