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Re: The Nearly-Disastrous Start to the David Tennant Era

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David Tenants first episode, and he's not even fucking in it!
If he was doing that, it wouldn't be a family show any more!

Mr Awe

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The Tennant-lite aspect of The Christmas Invasion was the most annoying aspect. We're all excited about a new Doctor and he's in bed the entire time. The Eleventh Hour is by far the better of the post Regen Stories, at least he's awake and animated and doing stuff. We can only hope that Capaldi isn't in bed or a bloody zero room or something for his first story. I think that's just a waste.
Yeah, I think Eleventh Hour is by far the best post regeneration story. And still holds up as one of the best Smith stories.

The Spearhead from Space was alright, Robot was alright but weird, Castrovalva was absolute crap (real let down after the fantastic Keeper of Traken and Logopolis), Twin Dilemma was just weird, the 96 movie was brilliant (although only because it's a McGann story, McCoy's role is not really fair for him to go out on), then we have to jump to Xmas invasion which is terrible (a shame as I liked the Sykorax, in a better story they could have been great), then we jump to the first decent post regeneration story in decades with the Eleventh Hour.

Note I have not seen Troughtons first one as it is lost to time, and I've not seen Time and the Rani either which would probably also be shit.
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