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Re: Trek Lit authors at Nine Worlds

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So, any hot news you authory types would like to share ?
Any chance of you doing something like this again ?
I dunno about Una, but Jim and I will be at the Star Trek Movie Marathon at the end of November, and there'll be a Nine Worlds next year...

We also tend to all frequent Redemption, but the next one of those is February 2015...
This is so; I think Dave & I will be doing one or more Q&As during the Movie Marathon event at the Ritz Cinema in Lincoln, and as he notes, Redemption is the UK con where you're most likely to catch us all in one place.

Personally, I'd like to come back to the USA and do Shore Leave again, or maybe one of the big mega-events like they just had in Las Vegas...

Any con-runners out there - American or otherwise! - who'd like to have us as guests, get in touch! (Especially if you're based in Ohio, as I'm thinking about a visit there to go see the USAF museum... )
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