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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Well I'm on the episode The Wounded still a good episode loved how the cardys wore them silly helmets !!! And also loved Data,s Day as well data,s face when he's having his dancing lessons priceless now still .

Well I'm going to skip Devils Due as its still awful now regardless of HD and 7.1 Sound.
Why? "Devil's Due" is just great fun with another classic Ron Jones score. It fits perfectly with "Who Watches the Watchers" and "Thine Own Self" in what I like to call a "False Beliefs" trilogy. Pure Roddenberry.
This. I adore Devil's Due, but I admit that I mostly love Ron Jones' fantastic score. But from all the TNG episodes of the Piller-Taylor era, I think this is one of the episodes that most resembles TOS.
Well I'll give it another go see what I think ??
That green blooded son of a bitch !!!!
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