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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

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Heretics and I just didn't care about those characters. So I put that down and gave it away, along with Chapter House.
The problem I have with the second half of the Frank Herbert series is that God Emperor starts off several thousand years after Children and completely changes the Dune universe. Which is fine, but then Heretics is another couple thousand of years and totally changes the universe again. Which I thought was rather exhausting, especially when reading the books within a month of each other.

With Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson, I liked the House books a lot, particularly House Atreides. House Harkonnen was the weakest of the trilogy, unfortunately, and House Corrino was a decent close. I couldn't get into the Butlerian Jihad and wasn't interested in the post-Chapter House stories. I started reading Paul of Dune and found it interesting but haven't finished it. I think it's that time period shortly before and during Herbert's original three books that interest me the most. Going too far into the future or past don't interest me.

The Brian Herbert books aren't as good as his fathers, but I did find them easier to digest and some of them had some pretty awesome quotes/passages at the beginning of each chapter. And I liked how Brian's books gave us more of Duke Leto's past since he gets scant attention in the original Dune.
I think the Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson novels are unfairly criticised by fans. Maybe if you look at them as their own novels without comparing them to Frank Herbert's you can see them as entertaining novels in their own right. Though admittedly as prequels they take a bit too many liberties.
Perhaps you misunderstand me but I'm not bashing Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson. I enjoyed their House Series and would like to finish Paul of Dune and Winds of Dune eventually. However the further they got away from the main Dune storyline of the first three books the less interested I became. Granted it was the same for Frank Herbert's later Dune works as well.

I disagree with you about not comparing them to the Frank Herbert novels though. Especially the House Series which is a prequel to Dune and the Paul and Wind books which are in betweens for Messiah and Children (I believe). The books were only written because of Frank Herbert's previous novels and part of their appeal is shedding more light on the characters and events leading up to or occurring during or around the stuff that happened in Frank Herbert's books.

I think it's easier to not compare the Butlerian Jihad series to Frank Herbert's books, but not so sure about Sandworms since I think that's a sequel to Chapter House (?).

From the Brian Herbert books I've read, I thought they were interesting reads for the most part and it was great revisiting some of my favorite characters and planets. Though the level of writing didn't have Frank Herbert's depth. However the newer novels were more like books you would read at the beach, which was fine with me.
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