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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

^^ Not much interesting in that description, except that it's space-based, but it's Bryan Fuller, so I have some optimism.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Given how the last couple of B5 revival attempts went, do we really want to see JMS try it again?
Sure, why not?

Harvey wrote: View Post
Presumably a space opera program like Babylon 5 would be significantly more expensive to restart than Veronica Mars, especially since JMS has claimed he won't produce another cheapie like The Lost Tales.
Well, that's true, but Space Command is also a successful Kickstarter project-- although the jury is still out on how that's going.

Also, as Christopher points out, JMS' previous attempts to turn the series into a franchise weren't all that interesting.
Crusade was great, and I'd still love to see a follow up on that. LOTR sucked, it's true, but Lost Tales could have been better if he hadn't done it so halfheartedly. There's still a lot of stories that could be told in that universe.
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