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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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such a great episode! "crazy eyes" was great. I wonder if Piper answered her when she asked why everyone called her crazy eyes. And then of course when she was listening to the radio oh man I was tearing up. When he came to talking about Red I just kept thinking uh oh he better not say anyting bad. I don't think it occured to him that Piper still has to LIVE with these people. When Miss Claudette comes up to Piper I thought she was going to punc her or somthing. Instead she just had that really hurt look "is that what you think of me?"

At the end of this episode my husband and I were talking about how good this show is,

and I don't mean just the plot. We were skeptical about it at first since it was a netflix original. But after watching it I can easily say it measures up with any HBO show out there in terms of quality
This show has so much going on all the time, that I really do need to step back and process it or all my recaps would simply say...

It's Great! WATCH already!!!!!

Speaking of processing...

Its time to get to the meat of the 11th episode. We've seen this car careening for 2 1/2 eps ... and its finally going to hit the telephone pole.
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