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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

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Usually there are only a handful of employees who do care about profitability, and they care about it because of imaginary personal status, not because of some inherent instinct to serve the company like they're communists.
I'm sure that many, many people who work on weekly TV series care about profitability. Their paychecks depend on it.

Do you think Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek for free? Do you think Rick Berman (who was hired to keep Roddenberry on-time and on-budget) or Ron Moore or Patrick Stewart worked for free? Do you think Abrams or Orci or Kurtzman or Pine or Quinto or Industrial Light & Magic work for free? They may love what they do, but they still expect to be compensated for it.

That doesn't preclude bad decisions being made. Every corporation is ripe with decisions that ended up costing them money and usually end up costing people their jobs. It doesn't mean that the decisions weren't arrived at with the bottom line in mind.
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