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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

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Projected profitability will drive every decision that is made regarding Star Trek or any other entertainment project. They don't make these shows out of the goodness of their hearts, they have employees to pay and shareholders to satisfy.
Who they do not give a **** about.

People are what ultimately drive every decision and all of them have their own motives for any decision they make. Not all of them coincide with projected or actual profitability for the company they happen to be employed in (for now).

Why did John Carter's marketing campaign self-destruct? There must have been some serious neglect and ass-licking from some, overconfidence from others to let something like that happen.

The above story might be true or it might not. It is nevertheless an illustrative example. People tend to think their ideas are better than they actually are. Others just feel secure enough in their jobs that they can focus more on their own aspirations whatever they are.

Usually there are only a handful of employees who do care about profitability, and they care about it because of imaginary personal status, not because of some inherent instinct to serve the company like they're communists.
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