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Re: And now The Newsroom....

Actually I really disliked this episode. There seemed to be six stories going on at the same time and I found some of the storylines too difficult and/or irrelevant to follow. IMO the writing and acting was frenetic and disjointed, far more than ever before. If they're trying to surpass Game of Thrones in multiple storylines at a mass level, they've succeeded - and that's not a compliment.

The Sloan bit was touching and tragic. Olivia Munn never fails to disappoint. A shame she had to go through that, and with a dickhead like that, I can understand why many women oftentimes think men are pigs in general. That kind of behavior is really reprehensible and lacking any kind of moral compass. Will's scene with the dad stuff was also quietly tragic. He was trying like hell to stay professional, but you could tell he was just about to come apart, especially during the dead air. Jim and Maggie are, as usual, a big fat whatever, and for some reason I really had a difficult time trying to figure out what was going on with the tweets.

I short, the good parts seemed really good and the rest I could have done without.
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