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Re: Nu!Trek and Romulan War

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Also, the Romulan language has been known since before the UFP was formed. T'Pol knew the language in the 22nd Century and Hoshi Sato heard it then.
But STXI insists that it's indistinguishable from Vulcan...
Kinda like the way Japanese and Swahili sound similar to people who doesn't speak either language.

In terms of the nuMovies, the first Nero encounter would offer zero information on why this bunch of violent Vulcanoids attacked a Starfleet ship...
Except they were speaking one of the known dialects of Romulan. Presumably, the same dialect that the Romulans had used to negotiate the neutral zone treaty 60 years earlier.

OTOH, this being the Abramsverse, it's entirely possible -- and even likely -- that Robau knew (or at least suspected) that Nero was a Romulan. He has two reasons not to jump to conclusions here:
1) the Narada is freaking huge and bears no resemblance to anything the Romulans have ever been known to build
2) Their behavior, the layout of their ship, their tattoos and customs are very strange, and the questions they start asking him are puzzling to say the least.

When Ayel asks him about the stardate, Robau asks "Where are you from?" I think at that point he had a good idea what was really going on. Nero must have realized this as well, which is why he killed him.

Okay, let's believe that one impossibility before breakfast: perhaps nobody bothers to learn Vulcan
Impossibility? Vulcan is preset #2 on all Federation universal translators. NOBODY learns Vulcan anymore, except for actual Vulcans.

How does that fit with the supposed timelines? Are space thunderstorms fairly typical after all, even though none were encountered before 2233?
It probably just slipped Pike's mind. He wrote that dissertation, what, 20 years ago? How much do YOU remember about an essay you wrote in the 1990s?

Kirk, OTOH, would have read it RECENTLY, so it would still be fresh in his mind. Also, it's more personal to Kirk than it is to Pike so he would have memorized the details of his father's death even if Pike's dissertation was actually an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the Kelvin class starship in emergency situations.
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