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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

The Wolverine has crossed the $300m Worldwide figure with this weekends US domestic totals. Should go up again with Int'l numbers roll in mid week.


Information or Entertainment...source Comic Book News via National Enquirer.
Now, a report from National Enquirer claims that Jackman has been offered a colossal $100M deal to reprise the Wolverine role for four more movies. However, there's a good possibility that he will turn it down, as he is unsure about signing long-term deals. A "close pal" insider tells the site, "Hugh has a big decision to make. Its not every day an actor gets offered this kind of paycheck, but Hugh vowed never to lock himself into any multipicture deals after X-Men. He hasnt given any kind of answer yet, so at least hes considering it."
For the sake of it being 1/2 way legit what would 4 more films look like?

4 Picture Deal for more Jackman as Wolverine:
1- third solo Wolverine, third appearance in FC prequel trilogy, X-Men 4, get X-Force off the ground.
2-third Wolverine, 3 X-Force films
3-third Wolverine, X-Men 4-6?
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